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All workshops are open to any individual or group that is interested.  Upon completion of the workshop, you will be a certified Level 1 IOWATER Citizen Monitor. The workshop is based on ten hours training, set-up comfortably over two days, exact times of which may vary depending on location.  Contact the listed individuals for actual times.  Workshop registration fee is $25, which covers all program fees, meals, and testing equipment.  This equipment includes: CHEMetrics Dissolved Oxygen Kit and Phosphate Kit;  Hach Test Strips – Nitrate-N and pH; Transparency Tube; Benthic Dip Net, Tub and Forceps; Aquatic Thermometer; Open Reel Measuring Tape; Laminated Benthic Guides; Streamkeeper's Field Guide; And more!

To register for any of the IOWATER workshops listed below, or for more specific registration information, please contact the individuals listed for the workshop you are interested in.


IOWATER 2001 Level 1 Workshops

Date                                           City/Town       Contact   Phone                              E-mail       
Sept. 7, 9am - 3pm
Sept. 8, 8am-noon
Manning Peg Buman (712)792-6248
Sept. 7, 5-9pm
Sept. 8, 9am-3pm
Cedar Rapids Kevin Woods (319)455-2185
Sept. 21, 5-9pm
Sept. 22, 9am-3pm
Cedar Falls Vern Fish (319)277-2187
Oct. 12, 6-9pm
Oct. 13, 9am-4pm
Indianola Linda Morrow (515)961-8350

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