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Blueball.gif (924 bytes)  To protect and improve Iowa's water quality by raising citizen awareness about Iowa's watersheds, supporting and encouraging the growth and networking of Iowa's volunteer water monitoring communities, and promoting water monitoring activities as a means of assessing and understanding Iowa's aquatic resources.


Blueball.gif (924 bytes)  Expand citizen volunteer water monitoring in Iowa.

Blueball.gif (924 bytes)  Provide a balanced approach for citizens to become involved in protecting and improving water resources.

Blueball.gif (924 bytes)  Develop opportunities for citizens to experience and discover the influence of watersheds on water quality.

Blueball.gif (924 bytes)  Develop a user-friendly process for data collection and interpretation to increase accurate information on the states water resources.


Blueball.gif (924 bytes)  Establish training programs for volunteers that will improve the quality and quantity of water data collected. 

Blueball.gif (924 bytes)  Support existing volunteer water monitoring efforts.  Establish outreach programs to increase citizen awareness of and responsibility for local water resources.

Blueball.gif (924 bytes)  Provide a framework of information for citizen groups to use in actively promoting responsible decision making in protecting local water quality.

Blueball.gif (924 bytes)  Assist new partnerships and alliances throughout Iowa in designing and implementing water monitoring projects.

Blueball.gif (924 bytes)  Facilitate communication among volunteer groups, local landowners, and government agencies, to promote sharing of data and resources.

Blueball.gif (924 bytes)  Develop a statewide volunteer database, available to all, for baseline water quality information and establishing long-term water quality trends.

Blueball.gif (924 bytes)  Integrate IOWATER into conservation education programs in Iowa.