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In 1997, the Iowa Environmental Council published the Iowa Volunteer Water Monitoring Directory.  The Directory was intended to be a resource for educators, volunteers, policy makers, government agencies, the media, and others interested in water quality, citizen involvement, and environmental protection and enhancement.  The Directory provides information about current water monitoring efforts throughout Iowa.

As part of the IOWATER program, the Directory is being updated.  To have yourself or your organization included in the volunteer water monitoring directory, complete the following information.  Copies of the Directory will be available online and in paper format later this year.  For more information about the Directory, contact Jacklyn Gautsch at (515)281-4476 or .


Contact Person's Name:                    
Contact Person's Address:                
Contact Person's Phone #:                
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Counties where project(s) located.                

Organizations/Groups involved.                     
Number of members involved.                      
Number of members IOWATER trained.      
Ages of members.                                       
Year group established.               
Year monitoring initiated.   

Other topics group is interested in.       


Water bodies studied.           
Number of sites monitored.    
Months monitored.               
Monitoring frequency           

Data collected is used for:             

(check all that you monitor for)

* IOWATER Level 1 parameter
# IOWATER Level 2 parameter

Physical Chemical
Water Temperature* pH*
Rainfall Hardness
Turbidity Chlorides#
Total Suspended Solids Nitrate Nitrogen*
Total Dissolved Solids Ammonia Nitrogen
Transparency* Reactive Phosphorus
Flow* Total Phosphate*
Depth* Biological Oxygen Demand
Width* Dissolved Oxygen*
Color* Alkalinity
Odor* Salinity
Biological Hydrocarbons
Chlorophyll Pesticides
Coliform bacteria#
Aquatic Vegetation Habitat
Macroinvetebrates* Riparian Zone*
Fish Adjacent Land Use*
Reptiles and Amphibians Habitat Type*
Birds Microhabitat*
Other Wildlife Canopy Cover*
Quality Assurance Information
Regular Training Sessions
Quality Assurance Project Plan
Standard Sampling Procedures
IOWATER Procedures followed

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