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What Happens at an IOWATER Workshop?

A variety of session settings, held both indoors and outdoors, will contain topics such as starting a monitoring plan, the "why-tos" and "how-tos" of water monitoring, what to do with the data, networking with others concerned about water quality, and some muddy fun! IOWATER Level 1 Workshops are ten hours, set up comfortably over two days. The first day is conducted indoors in a classroom-type setting, while the last day of an IOWATER Level 1 Workshop is predominately spent in a nearby stream getting wet and dirty and having a great time!

Hours may vary depending on location. Workshop registration fee is $25.00 per person. This covers all program fees, meals, and testing equipment. Check should be payable to Iowa DNR and sent to the workshop contact.

Confirmation letters with directions to training sites will be mailed to you before your workshop date. Maximum workshop attendance is thirty participants. In previous years, most workshops filled early, so you may want to register as soon as possible.

What to Bring

• Appropriate clothing (rain gear, cold weather gear, etc.)
• Waders, hip boots, or “river shoes” (trashed out tennis shoes)
• A positive attitude!

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