Interactive Map: Get UTM Map Coordinates
The map below shows the IOWATER volunteer monitoring sites. As you zoom in you will see the 2008 aerial photography as well. Click directly on the map to get UTM map coordinates for the location clicked.

To zoom in / out use the slide bar in the upper left portion of the map. You can also hold down the "Shift" key on your keyboard and drag a box with your mouse. Pan by using the corners of the map or by clicking with your left mouse button, holding down, and sliding over.

To get x / y coordinates for a site, zoom in on the map and click with your mouse. A new information window will appear displaying your X (easting) and Y (northing) coordinates in the UTM NAD 1983 projection.
To show / not show layer(s) on the map:
This interactive map uses ESRI's ArcGIS Server 9 technology. Supported web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and Mozilla Firefox 3.5.

Problems viewing the interactive map? Contact the IOWATER staff.