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Lake Monitoring Update

The standing waters, or lake assessment, has been incorporated into IOWATER Level 1 workshops. In the past, the program has focused mainly on streams. However, people interested in lake monitoring have routinely attended workshops, only to find out they have to attend a separate workshop in order to monitor lakes. Therefore, the IOWATER Level 1 Workshops will now cover both stream and lake monitoring.

If you have an interest in lake monitoring, please feel free to join us for an hour or so at the end of any Level One Workshop. As you know, the second day of an IOWATER workshop involves the outdoor, hands-on training. You are certainly welcome to join us during this time if you feel it would help as a refresher.

If you plan on becoming a certified lake monitor, please call or . There is no fee for this – we just want to be sure to bring enough equipment for everyone.